Photos From The Past
Lisa Garrett
Brenda Shrewsbury and Denise Woody
Tammy Adams, David Hopkins, Tina Long
The IHS basketball team and Assistant Coach Robert Freeman and Head Coach Doug Basham.
The 1977 Thespian Troupe stikes a pose.
Schoold spirit at the gym during a Pep Rally.
Linda Cole and Mark Smith ham it up at the "Fifties Day" dance.
Student Common memories....Patty Ruble seeing "Kevins" Kevin Kincaid, Kevin Lewis, and Kevin Roles.
Mark Smith, Kim Tankersley, Kevin Roles, Debbie Reed and Patty Ruble all catch their breath after the play "Adaptation" rehearses.
The 1978 play "Adaptation" with Kevin Roles cueing the start.
Beta Convention
Beta Convention? - Randy
Beta Convention - Sam and Donald, Lynn behind door
Beta Convention - Mark
Beta Convention - debbie, Renee, Tommy & Patty
Beta convention
Beta Convention
Prom 77
Prom 77
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