Photos From The Past
Midway Elem 74 7th grade
Midway Elem 73 6th grade
Midway Elem 72 5th grade
Midway Elem 71 4th grade
Tena & Bink
Debbie & Mark
Mike & Boonie
Paul & Tami
Lynn & Sam
Miss Patriot 78
Tom Shafer
Miss Patriot 78
Final picture of me.. PROMISE! It's a tribute the the, "70's shirts" I seemed to never run out of... I bet I borrowed some from Randy Hunt! He had shirts LOUDER than me! (Just look at the group annual pictures.. hee hee).
Belinda Young and Mark Smith, 1978 Prom.
Karen Lisa Wanda & Mary night before wrestling tournament 1978
Denise Karen Mary & Wanda Night before wrestling tournament 1978
Midway Elementary grades 3 & 4 March 1970
Grappler Girls Wrestling Tournament 1978
Coach Rakes with Grappler Girls Wrestling Tournament 1978
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