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Memories, can our minds recall events from 30 years ago?

I wondered why there were no stories in this part of the could be that our minds are a bit foggy about the events that happened 30 years ago....when I dust the cobwebs from my memory bank, I only get bits and pieces and wonder if the memories that I have really happened or, here goes an attempt at a story or two...maybe those of you who were there can help fill in the blanks......

memory snibbit 1...I remember something about Wes Carpenter and Christy Tipper in Chemistry class (I think it was Chemistry)...and they had key chains with mouses on them and they named them ming ming and chow chow......Mr. Hart called us his "little Angels".....

memory snibbit about all of us who once worked at the Burger House....Patty Bays, Nannette Osborne, Teresa Shumate,....those were some memories.....I absolutely hated taking that nasty grease out back and putting it in that horrible smelling grease pit...stinky!!!!

memory snibbit 3...that little red ford granada I had at the end of our senior turned out to be the worst car I have ever owned....

memory snibbit 4...all the dances at dear ol' Independence High School...who would have thought that disco would be out of fashion so quickly!!!!!

memory snibbit 5...the teachers....I loved mrs. baker...and the art teacher, mrs. collier....and mr. emory, so sad what happened to him...he was a wonderful algebra teacher....and who could forget doug basham's "pig points"...point initiative grade....what a concept!!!!

well, that is all that comes to mind right now....maybe someone else will dust out the cobwebs and come up with some more!!!!

Connie (Allen) Dillon

Did any of us have flattering hairstyles back then, or were they all terrible???  I remeber depsreately trying to get the Farrah Fawcett look with my straight hair.  No way was that gonna work! 

And the guys weren't any better - remember George Barker's "Golden Arches"  hairdo? 

Hey wonder if Bobby Darnell still has that awesome mustache??

Christy Tipper Register
What about the Cars?

Hair was important, but the cars were the big concern. Getting our license and our first car was on everybody’s mind. With the new Camaro coming out soon, I talk with people daily about the cars they had in the past. A few still have their car from high school…. I have to dust off a few cobwebs but let’s try to remember.


 Maverick… 75 Plymouth Duster, Brown, half vinyl top, Centerlines or Cragers?


 Tim Burleson… Who could forget the Beetle, and the Rabbit  and flipping your mom’s Vista Cruiser after your  late night date with Tammy


 Tammy… the Toyota Corolla that you wrecked after graduation practice. The man in the house was so nice and smoothed things over with your dad.


Christy… Wasn’t  that a blue Chevy Vega? How long did that last you?  I’ll always remember your dad’s Pinto...Karla’s  yellow Grand Prix…Your mom’s Grand Fury… Annette and Eddie’s Black Gremlin...John’s Roadrunner. ( Because they were always parked in my driveway, remember)


Randy … Was that a gold 67,68 or 69 Chevelle that you had?  Your first Total?  [69 Chevelle - picture added by Randy :-)]


 Richard Blackburn… 75 or 76 Black Trams Am that he put on it’s side on Tam’s mountain (some of us know the True Indy Story and he did lose the race) and then he got the 1966 Charger, it didn’t last long either if I remember correctly.


 And I had my 75 Camaro, Firethorn Red, which I stll wish I had. There are lots more that I missed, but this will jog your memories.




                                                                                Mick Tankersley

Mick Tankersley
My Favorite Car and Bike in the day

I had a 1974 VW Baja Bug, and a Suzuki TS 250 I bought from Amanda Pegram , way back in the day.  In Fact when indy was being constructed, I rode it through the hallways, and even to this day think there is a black mark under the carpet at the front doors where I did a burn out.  "LOL".   "I think the statute has run out for doing that".  I believe there is a pic of that bike leaned up on the light pole in the parking lot in one of the old year books.

It was weird walking back in the school years later, to pick my kids up at the same place. 

Michael Lytton


                                                          MARK COMPTON


Class Room Quiz TV Show

One of the funniest things that I participated in was the time our Current Events Club participated in the Class Room Quiz TV show in Bluefield.  To set the story up, you have to first know that Bill Bower subscribed to a current events educational letter that we received every couple weeks and we would study at our meetings - particularly prior to our appearance on Class Room Quiz.

Well, the day arrived for our show. I believe it was Connie Allen, Danny Snuffer, James Price and myself appearing on the show.  The fun started when the first question was asked and we all looked at one another with huge grins - the first question was straight from the newsletter that we had been studying in our club.  One question after another, we buzzed in and answered...  They were asking questions in the same order that we had studied.

What really shocked our opponent was when the MC began to ask, "In [such and such] year, Rus..." at which point, I believe it was James shouted out, "Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles."  The other team leaned over their tables and just starred at us in disbelief.

Needless to say, at the next break, we all put our heads together and decided we better let the other team score a couple points, because it was getting ugly.

After the show's conclusion, we were all dismayed when Mr. Bower came to us and told us that he had spoken to the producer and told him that we were forfeiting our victory and we would not return to challenge the next school.  I didn't agree with that, but there wasn't much we could do...  LOL

Randy Hunt
Does anyone remember the play the drama club put on?

My memory of it is vague, just the same , I had to play the father figure.  To keep in mind I was shy, and very , to say the least,  the last person to every think you would see in a part like that.

I can only remember one line in my part of it, in which I think I got tongue tied and said. "Wire wheel's and spinner hubcap's" but, I made a mistake and got it wrong.

Since, I wore glasses, at that time, my eyes were bad, so I fit into the part quite well. 

It was the only time I ever faced a audience with the exception of Public Speaking class in college. 

If anyone can remember who the class, teacher was?  Tell me, I think if I pulled out the ol annual I could think of her name.

Either way Best wishes.


Michael Lytton
Answered my own question

It was Mrs. Baker, whom directed that play.   "gosh getting old sucks LOL"

Michael Lytton
Trivia question?

Can anyone remember the Janitor's name back in 1980 ?  I remember him.  He used to let us in after hours to play ball and work out in the weight room.


Just curious.  Grab your yearbooks. He is in there.  He was a very kind and  considerate West Virginian.

Michael Lytton
Mrs. Pallares Spanish Class Party

I remember during our times at Independence High School that our Spanish Class celebrated the end of the school year with a party at Mrs. Pallares' home on Maxwell Hill Road. She encouraged us to all dress in Spanish clothes, and offered extra credit for those that dressed the best. My mother and I went all out, making and authenticating my outfit and I wore it to her house. I was surprised that most did NOT dress up, and of those that did, I remember I kinda looked ridicoulous compared to the others. I believe I got the award for dressing up the most. Here is what I looked like.......I was SO embarassed....

Mark Smith