Photos - 2009 Reunion
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Class of 1977 at the 3 class 30 year reunion, June 27, 2009
Class of 1978 at the 3 class 30 year reunion, June 27, 2009
Class of 1979 at the 3 class 30 year reunion, June 27, 2009
2009 Reunion Organizers at Tamarack - John, Dolores, Bev, Randy, Rama, Faye, Mary, Karen & Mark
Tammie, Brenda, Dolores, Norma, and Judy talking about old times.
Melinda, Jessie, Mary & Candy
I have compiled all the faces gathered at the reunion in four photos (sorted by their first name). I started with the 10 members of the Organization Staff. Then, Alan Blake to Barbara Bolen.
Here are classmate pictures from Bobby Darnell to Kevin Kincaid. Enjoy, Mark Smith.
Here you have from Kevin Roles to Becky Testerman. Hope you like. Mark Smith.
Here is the last group from Rene' Shiflett to William "Bill" Milam. If I have omitted anyone from the reunion, please let me know. AND IF YOU HATE YOUR PHOTO, send me one from the reunion and I will replace it. Thanks all. I had the BEST TIME! MarkieMa
Here are classmates that went through school together for 12 years; Roger, Patty, Hoppy, Kenny, Alan, Lisa, Kim and Trixie.
Here we have Dianna and Mark who went through 12 years together from Soak Creek to Sophia and Independence High Schools.
The Deceased Classmate Memorial.
The Media Table and Display.
Rama, John and Faye at the registration desk at Independence the first night.
Sallie (Allen) Smith and spouse at Tamarack.
Randy grillin' and smilin' Sunday at Stephen's Lake after a successful reunion.
Faye and Rama grillin' weenies and flippin' burgers at Stephen's Lake on Sunday.
Dianna (Wood), Norma (Martin), and Glenna (Wilson) smile for a picture at Independence High School Friday night, June 26th, 2009.
Patty (Gillispie) Tammie (Porter), Sylvia (Adams) and Wilhemina (Medley) chat outside Independence Friday night.
Brenda (Fox) wins the coveted Independence blanket as Randy pulls her ticket from the pot.
Wilhemina (Medley) Goins and her husband share a laugh with Karen (Pitsenbarger) Hightower at Tamarack Saturday night, June 27th, 2009.
Dolores (Hummel) Hutchens and Norma (Lawson) Cochran share good times at Independence Friday night.
Janie , Karen, Ginny, and Mary Friday night at Independence.
1978 Valedictorian Renee' (Warden) and Salutatorian Mark Smith at Tamarack Saturday night.
Roger Shelton,Rodger Adams, Patty (Powers) Bryant, and Wes Carpenter share memories at Independence Friday night, June 26th, 2009.
larry and friends
Libby (Underwood) Herret, Trish (Taylor) Stebel and Barbara (Bolen) Adams at the reunion picnic.