Photos From The Past
Patty Bays and Brian Bowling (Prom 1978)
Dreamerz--A Great WV Rock-n-Roll Band WHAT ABOUT THAT HAIR HUH !! Love the 80's
Mick Tankersly's story page about our old cars got me to thinking about my old 69 Chevelle... or what was left of it after that crash in February 78...
Della, Alicia, Coach, Rama n Brenda
Cecil and Ms Clyburn
Alicia and Brenda
Patty Bowling (Bays)
Patty Bays and Brian Bowling Prom '79'
Faye O'Neal Graduation of May 1979
Nanette Osborne (after prom, and no I wasn't drunk)
Nanette and Patty (best friends)
Nanette Osborne and Donna Meadows at graduation '79'
Donna Meadows, Patty Bays, and Nanette Osborne at graduation '79'
Nanette (Osborne) Lewis in the blue ( Class of '79' )
Class of 1979 10 Year Class Reunion (Summer 1989)
Terry Hatcher/Loretta "Dee" Basham Alas..the way we were so long ago!!!
Old Kids On The Block: Randy Hunt, Bink Boushley, Mike Kelley, Varney Helvey, Eddie Niday, Steve Coleman & James Frame - 9th Grade
Randy Hunt, Donald Cline & Terry Trotter - Graduation Day 1978
LOL... Just found this picture... This was 20 years ago! Can you name all these faces from the class of 1978?? :-)
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